Comic 40 - Ninjamas Ad
23rd Jul 2014, 12:00 PM

Ninjamas Ad
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Author Notes:
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete
Cap'n ChilPhil
This comic is related to the previous one.

The ninja makes his sleepwear modeling debut.

In personal news. I am moving to a new larger place, but thankfully I made a comic buffer of a few pages. So hopefully I'll get settled into my new place before my supply runs out.
User comments:
Stever edit delete reply
Hopefully there's some sort of safety for those sharp edged weapons when your tossing and turning ;D
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
I would hope so too if that company wants to stay in business.
demcleod edit delete reply
Haha, I love his pose. So seductive. X-D
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
The ninja struck a pose in an attempt to attract more viewers. :)
randomNPC edit delete reply
Sexy ninja ♥_♥