Comic 29 - Wannabe
25th Aug 2013, 9:00 AM

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Author Notes:
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete
Cap'n ChilPhil
Sometimes a comic idea "clogs" my thought process. This is one of those times. I kept trying to think of a new idea for a comic and this idea of a horse who wants to be a unicorn kept resurfacing. Hopefully, now I can move on to other things.
User comments:
GurneyHalleck edit delete reply
Better too many ideas than too few! This is a great comic. I really like the artwork, and the 'vibe' of the whole comic is really great - upbeat, playful, silly. Keep up the good work!
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
Thanks for your comment. It was very uplifting. It's nice to hear the adjectives you used to descibe the vibe, that is what I'm going for.