Comic 131 - Lagoon Creatures
10th Feb 2016, 7:01 AM

Lagoon Creatures
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Author Notes:
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete
Cap'n ChilPhil
Ono: Ninja / Rule Follower / Party Pooper

Sometimes you should let those spooky creatures from the deep enjoy their pool party.

Check out the comic's blog for the Mateys movie poster! Now I'll be ready if someone ever comes up to me and wants to make an action/adventure movie out of my comic.
User comments:
Stever edit delete reply
Haha! Awesome strip. I just love their dejected faces coming out of the drink. XD

Saw the Mateys poster and I can't wait for the big budget movie!
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
Thanks. In my mind it was funny. When I showed it to someone before I posted it online, it seemed like they did not understand it.

Now all I need to do now is secure some fancy Hollywood contract for that movie deal.
Seabiscuit edit delete reply
Hahahaha! Ah, if only it was that easy...
(Badass movie poster! :D)
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
Life is usually not that easy, and this day, it wasn't for the lagoon creatures.

Deep inside, Ono was disappointed he wasn't carrying his lifeguard whistle, it would have been the perfect opportunity to use it.
Miaubol edit delete reply
...and then, as there were no more gators/crocs/spooky creatures left in the water, the sign got eventually removed, the human swimmers came back, and soon also the gators/crocs/spooky creatures... nom nom nom.


Ono what have you done!

Cool poster :D
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
Wow, that would be so funny! You're very creative with your storytelling skills :)
Miaubol edit delete reply
Thanks, I do my best ..basically, given situation x, what would be the very worst outcome ;D
sebarrieta edit delete reply
that was perfect
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
Thank you! I'm glad when I can get away with pages with little dialogue, saves me from spelling errors.
Z74 edit delete reply
darn ninjas , always ruining the fun!
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
I know! What's up with that?
Sometimes they come and ruin your day with their sword, sometimes with poison, sometimes with silly rules.