Comic 130 - Year of the Monkey
8th Feb 2016, 7:00 AM

Year of the Monkey
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Author Notes:
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete
Cap'n ChilPhil
In keeping with last comic's theme of the town getting attacked by wild animals. Yeah.

Happy Lunar New Year! May monkeys show you great favor.
User comments:
Stever edit delete reply
I'm not sure what's worse. Elephants or giant gorrilas. That is gonna be one messed up town. XD
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
The town people should consider relocating.

Either that or get some more responsible zookeepers. They are too lazy/forgetful to close the animal's pens when they leave for the night
Miaubol edit delete reply
Curious- Check.
Intelligent- ... .. ... ahem...
Bananas- Definitely. Going totally bananas.

Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil

I think totally bananas is better than boring vanilla.
Seabiscuit edit delete reply
Bwahahah! Yeah, I'd definitely prefer an elephant running through town.:D
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
Me too. I think you'd be able to hear an elephant from far away and get ready for them, while monkeys could be sneaky.