Comic 104 - Biology
9th Sep 2015, 8:01 AM

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Author Notes:
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete
Cap'n ChilPhil
One must be very brave to help Pete clean up his house.
User comments:
Seabiscuit edit delete reply
Oh gosh, he KEPT HIS EYE? Holy shit, hahahahah. I love how he's scratching as he says that, so causal.
Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
Pete is a bit of a hoarder.
Drawing the scratch scratch was a last minute change I made before posting the comic. I'm glad it turned out okay. I didn't know if it was going to be noticeable.
Miaubol edit delete reply
She cleaned up the house. that's just ... just wow! And he uses a bone as backscratcher.. well, yes, that fits him well xD

Now I must think of the brundlefly - how he hoarded all the bodyparts which fell off .. D:

25th August.. Cap'n ChilPhil .. What's happening?

Cap'n ChilPhil edit delete reply
Cap'n ChilPhil
Yeah, I wish she'd come help me clean up my place!

Yeah, my comment is dated August 25th. What'z up with that? The comment system picks up the date I originally write the comment. I then schedule the comic to be posted in the future. I usually have a buffer of 3 to 4 comics. I probably should figure how to change the comment date or just comment on the day I post a comic.