Ono is a ninja sent into a new town by his clan. He enjoys cooking, eating and meditating.

Pete is a lazy, messy, retired pirate. He rents out a room in his house to provide supplemental income. He enjoys playing cards and fishing. He likes Yuki.

Kade is a cowboy. When not rustling cattle, he enjoys playing cards with his best friend Pete.

Zed is an alien who wants to take over a planet. He isn't very good at it. He was trapped in Pete's closet, but eventually was picked up by aliens from his planet.

Lucky is Pete's dog.

Helga is a viking who is Ono's love interest. She enjoys eating and opera.

Yuki the White Ninja is a female ninja who sometimes thinks she is Ono's arch-enemy.

AntiZed is an alien who crashed on earth. He doesn't have memory of who he is. He may or may not be the alien Zed. He acts the opposite of Zed, wanting to love the planet.