Comic Fury Madness 2015: Round 2
by Cap'n ChilPhil

Ono won his second round in the Comic Fury Madness 2015 contest. Now he goes to the round of the Sweet 16.

He was most likely to win a game of Mario Kart. 

Thanks to those who voted for him. He is wearing his Mario outfit to thank you all. 

~Posted April 14, 2015

Comic Fury Madness 2015: Round 1
by Cap'n ChilPhil

I entered Ono into the Comic Fury Madness 2015 contest. It is a tournament where characters from different comics go head-to-head and compete on very random goals.

The first round he was voted most likely to conquer the iron throne of Westeros.

Thanks to those who voted for him. This comic was made to honor his victory.

~April 6, 2015

by Cap'n ChilPhil

I made transcripts for all the comics up to this point. Now the "Search" function will work if you're looking for something that was said in the past. 

If anyone using the search function, please let me know, I'd be interested knowing I'm not wasting time doing transcripts. Thanks. 

~March 23, 2015

Characters Page
by Cap'n ChilPhil

I updated the characters page and added pictures of everyone. I've been meaning to do that for some time now.

~October 10, 2014

Ahoy there mateys!
by Cap'n ChilPhil

To honor Interrrnational Talkie Like a Pirrrate Day, I be launchin' a new webcomic. I've always want'd t' scribble me a simple comic like in th' ol' newspaperrrs, but found it cutthroat t' do so! Fer me, it be easierrr t' create a whole page comic. I hope ye buckeroos enjoys 'em.

~Septemberrr 19, 2012